Thursday, November 13, 2008


Time to clear the air and find out what the eds find challenging in their daily jobs and where they think we can help make some positive changes. We have come up with some good ways forward and some possibly radical changes... more to come later.

The group ready for a big day 3.

Day 3: Breakfast

Day 3: A reasonably early start and a local breakfast, everyone fighting fit and ready for the third and final day of the eds conference. Getting ready for Detox: the session on what's wrong with the company and better still how to fix it

The Snitch in KL!

Shameless self-promotion, but I blogged about our Editor's Conference on The Snitch.

Read about it here, hombres!

as told by matt eaton

i'd tell you a joke about a wall, but you'd probably never get over it.

i'd tell you a joke about a cookie, but that would probably crumble.

i'd tell you a joke about magarine, but you'll spread it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 2

8.00am - Drag tired and lazy asses outta bed
8.30am - Arrive at TK's place
9.30am or thereabouts - detox. (hey TK we never actually got the detox session. but i suppose the home made juice counts?)
11am - Matt gives interesting training on blogging. start getting used to everyone on the edit team walking around with cameras in their pockets!
12pm - Walk in the rain to get some foodrepublic lunch.
1pm - Hit KLCC
2pm - IMPRESSED BY KL OFFICE. (Ed: Ooooohhh.)

testing video blogs

There are no taxi's in KL

DAY ONE: Arrive in KL. Meet at TK's place for welcome BBQ. He's surprisingly nota bad chef! On the menu: Satay chicken (what do you call this TK?) Saaatay..... Hamburgers - lamb & chicken! Butterfly Prawns, cold spuds, salad....

That's TK and his masterpiece - the Petronas Towers made out of beer cans, paper tissues, chopsticks and potatoes.

Went out to Twenty-one, and met a couple of new friends. People here in KL seem really friendly! (Wayyy too friendly, apparently)